Defeating Troops One Age Higher Than You

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    You may remember Freiherr von Greifensprung. She doesn’t have attack & defense boosts but she does have Early Middle Age troops. I just so happen to like this brew Humans call coffee. To sweeten it I must find food from a bee. So here I am in Freiherr von Greifensprung’s lair, with dozens of bees stuck in me hair. Yikes! In the mornin' I'm goin' to try another attempt at defeatin' one of the sectors belongin' to Ms. von Greifensprung. This time I'll bring in more soldiers (light units) to take care of her fast units. Oh and I'll make sure I'm wearin' a bee net over me hair. She has bees everywhere.

    Well I did it! Thought I’d get in a battle before I head out the door. Don’t ever think you can’t defeat an opponent because they have military units in one age higher than you. Freiherr von Greifensprung’s troops were: 2 Mounted Archers (Early Middle Age), 2 Mercenaries (Early Middle Age) and 3 Legionnaires (Iron Age) and her troops also had a 20% attack and defense bonus.

    My Iron Age troops were: 2 Mounted Warriors, 4 Archers and 2 Legionnaires. First turn I moved my Mounted Warriors (fast units) to the upper left corner just out of range of her Mounted Archers (ranged units). Fast units get an attack bonus against ranged units. Her 2 Mounted Archers targeted one of my Archers and took him out. Couldn’t be helped. Mounted Archers travel far. Next turn I attacked her 2 Mounted Archers with my 2 Mounted Warriors and Archers, and got rid of them. Ranged units can do a lot of damage because they shoot from afar so it’s to your advantage if you can get rid of them in the beginning of battle.

    I moved my Legionnaires (heavy units) and Mounted Warriors in front of my Archers to protect them. Luckily there were rocks nearby so Archers (ranged units) were able to shoot from rocks which give them an attack bonus, and they were able to take out some more of her Mercenaries (light units). Her remaining units were taken care of by my Legionnaires, Mounted Warrior and Archers. A very successful battle but I did lose two units. The key to winning a battle is to have a good unit match up.
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    This is a good post but not really developed fully as a general guide. I am going to move it to the pending section if you want to try to generalize it a bit more?
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    but what about the bees
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    This is not even a guide................

    It's easy to defeat armies in higher ages.
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