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Defiance is recruiting! Come join us!


New Member
Defiance - founded in October 2015. (Korch)

Defiance is currently recruiting active players. We are a team minded guild, here to support one another. Lower era players are welcome!

We are a fair trade guild with fair trades being between era up and era below. We do not use the calculator system that allows trading by jumping eras. Guild market posts are picked up quickly allowing for growth and greater GE participation.

We offer a variety of FP swap threads, 1.9 and 1.85 to help and encourage leveling all GBs!

We offer a Stix to Brix thread to get your GBs erected quickly.

We support each other in getting OBS and ARC prints as well as leveling them for the benefit of the guild.

We are actively involved in Guild Expeditions. Weekly participation is highly recommended with a minimum 8 encounters per week. We open all 4 levels weekly. Level 3 provides us with a guarantee 100%. If any member misses 2 weeks straight without notifying a leader, they will be released from the guild. We encourage all members to be active in helping support the guild's advancement and growth.

All members are expected to motivate and polish, and donate to the treasury via GB or manually.

* We understand life happens! If you expect to be away from the game for more than a few days, we hope for communication as every member plays an integral role in this guild, we want to support you as you support this guild family.

* We are not a GvG guild however we are active in GbG and recommend a minimum 5 encounters per season.

If this sounds like the type of Guild you would feel at home with and you would like to become a member of Defiance, feel free to apply or message ladyleader for more information!