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Unformatted delete button for social thread

Lady Lorelei

New Member
If I am the creator of a social thread and I invite others to view that thread... when they are ready they can "leave the conversation".

But I as the creator, if I leave the conversation, and others have not done so yet, that thread still remains and clogs up everyone's threads for no reason...

Is there any way we can add a "Delete" button for the creator of the thread to be able to completely delete that thread from existance?

This would also help your server, as it stands now I cannot imagine how many threads are using up space unnecessarily.

Is there a way that Leaders or Founders can have access to delete a thread should there be one left open and the person who created it is no longer part of our guild?

Tony 85 the Generous

Active Member
On the first, if you want to close a social thread first remove everyone, save the changes and then delete yourself.

On the second, there is not a current way to do this other than to have everyone leave. Once the last person leaves, the thread will close. It would be nice if Inno would make sure there is always an admin on the thread (similar to the founder "time-out"). Could be as simple as the second person added becomes the new defacto-admin.