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Delete Celtic Forest Kit?


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I'm really beginning to think that I need to delete this. Yes, all the stuff you get from them is nice, but They are really a pain to change ages (3 upgrades required) and they take up a lot of awkward space in the city with roads required on 2 sides. It's so bad compared with other single event buildings (don't you think?). So, to delete or not?



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Look at the stuff you get from it excluding goods if the goods would no longer be needed due to age. Decide from that. I’m not bothered with upgraded sets. But there is value in them for the attack, happiness, FPs and no need for motivation (for those who struggle with getting enough motivations each day)
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Thanks for your response. Anyone else?
I really don't put sets down in my city anymore. They are annoying to arrange, costly to upgrade every age (not individually, but as you play you're going to collect more of them), and these days the sets aren't that much better than 1-piece event buildings.

However, I DO like that the latest Celtic Set was plunderable. That and the Winter Trains made plundering the hood worth the annoyance of having to check and recheck for finished productions.


Decent attack and defense boost. Lv2 gets you 14 fps and 20 goods. Even if you don't age-up each piece, it still packs a punch. That's almost .5 fps a tile. no other "recent" event building has a better fps/tile ratio that the Altar of Athena. Abandoned Asylum would have the next best stats. If you don't have enough to make the set a Lv2, I would skip building it till maybe next year when you can get upgrade kits at the next St. Patty's event.


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I didn't build it in the first place. I got all the pieces but I'm selling them in the AD. It's too big, I'm not a fan of sets, and it's plunderable.
It's the same size as a TF and that is plunderable as well.

14 fp with a possible 22 with HC. Nothing wrong with that.


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I sell TFs in the AD too. Same reason: too big and plunderable.
I do the same, but If I can get a few upgrades with the new ge upgrade and a few terrace farms, I might place a few. Why? Because 2.5 squares per fp is Good, even if it is plunderable. Just gotta collect on time, and ill be fine.


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Put me on the list of those who wish the durn thing could be Aided, but, even given that (rather large) caveat, I'm still a fan. To my mind, the coins, Medals, etc. are secondary to the FP- and you need not upgrade to your current Age to receive those.


What would you replace it with? Do you have something else better than 14 fp, 20 goods and a modest attack boost (and some other stuff) in the same footprint?


So, to delete or not?
Ask yourself, if you do delete them, what would you put in their place? Are you clearing space for a Great Building that you've working on for months and finally have a full set of blueprints? Go for it. Are you clearing space so you can make a swastika design with Bronze Age trees? Then probably not so much.

You might want to wait for the next event before deleting. If part of the rewards are Store Building kits, you may be able to get some antique dealer coin out of them, instead of just deleting them for nothing.