[Answered] Delete City


Is the purpose of the delete city function so that you can start over in that World? If I delete my City would I retain the buildings in my inventory, and my inventory, or would I have to start over completely, as if I just joined that World. Thank you.


The purpose is primarily to reduce the burden on support. Deleting a world used to involve submitting a ticket.

Some reasons to delete a world:
- because you want to start over in the same world (known a few people with high intensity diamond mining strategies involving scraping up early BA diamonds repeatedly for instance)
- because you no longer want to play the world and don't trust yourself not to change your mind (i.e. people quitting because of the impact the game is having on their RL often don't want their city available to come back to)
- because you want to get the world off your city list as you have no intention on continuing to play it

If you restart the world after it successfully deletes it'll be like you were never there to begin with, all inventory gone. If you have even the faintest thought that you might like to continue that world, I'd recommend not deleting it.


Thank you. I want to go back in the time line, but I don't want to loose my building inventory.


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Going back is unfortunately not possible. You can, however, change most things, except for how far you've gone on the continent map, where you've placed expansions and a few other things.

You haven't specified why you would want to delete your city but keep your buildings and items, and since you can't do both, you can:

- change your guild and entire friend list
- completely rearrange your city, especially now that the Reconstruction mode is available
- delete any GB you want or build new ones
- try a different playstyle (military city, diamond farm, recurring quest focused city, city built to look as closely to a real-life city as possible with decorations, cultural buildings etc.)
- delete every single building and start from scratch in the age you last were (not something I'd suggest unless you're in the Bronze or Iron Age)

My point is, it's most likely not too late for you to change your city or the way you're developing it.