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Be able to delete multiple messages in the messaging interface at one time.

Current System (if applicable)

A lot of messages are received from multiple worlds in the same interface. The majority are frivalous and in some cases unwanted. Having to click on each individual message to delete it takes entirely too much time. I typically let the message box fill up because I do not like wasting time waiting for each delete to process. I propose adding a checkbox to each message and move the delete button to the top of the interface. The delete button will delete "selected" messages. In order for this to be really effective, more messages will need to be shown on the same page.

Abuse Prevention
Not applicable

Visual Aids

This change will allow players to have more time to PVP, work on their cities, and socialize with their guildmates.
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I'm going to read the message before deleting it anyway. I don't see any benefit for deleting multiple messages at once.
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