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Not A Bug Design Change Request: Replace Observatory floating crate indicating collectible goods to an exclamation point

  • Browser and Version: Any
  • Overview of the bug: Owning an Observatory and leaving a guild indicates collectible goods with an in-the-way goods crate
  • Screenshots: Attached.
  • How often this occurs: When you leave a guild whilst owning an OBS, but other buildings similarly dependent on guild membership may also be affected.
  • Urgency: Low. Annoyance is high, however. Collectible goods indicator is in the way when collecting other goods/coins.
  • Preventative Actions: n/a
  • Summary: Start an OBS. Join a guild (or the other way 'round; doesn't make a difference). Observe goods donated to guild. Leave guild. Goods accumulate and goods crate collection indicator cannot be dismissed (expected) but is in the way. Better indicator: yellow exclamation point over the OBS until the user re-joins a guild, at which point the crate reappears and the goods are disbursed to the new guild's treasury.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
Start your own one person Guild. do nothing with it. it will allow you to collect the goods. end of problem as is. no need to change anythiing. when get tired of getting nowhere alone, dissolve you one player guild.