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Deterring Plunderers Effectively During Extended Inactivity

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I'm a little late to this party, but as a plunderer, I'm going to critique this strategy a bit.

Disconnecting roads is a pretty poor strategy for deterring a plunderer. It might deprive the plunderer, but it WILL deprive you. Disconnecting the whole city is just ridiculous. However, a more limited disconnect isn't too bad with the new building sets. I arranged my city with that in mind just in case:
What you described is exactly what I did. I'm actually about to update this with different screenshots because I reorganized it to put my Royal Garden next to my Palace set. I moved the Shrines and the Manor to a different area as well, where they're part of the city at large and aren't grouped with the garden and palace.

I'm also updating it to remove any humor I injected into it, because apparently no one can take a joke. That's not directed toward you, it's just that thus far, I've received a significant amount of trolling, being made fun of, etc., with precious little actual help or suggestions to make things better. Add that to taking the whole thing far too seriously, and it's making me regret ever posting in the first place.

At any rate, I think updated information and screenshots will help, because people are reading this as 1) disconnecting my entire city, which isn't what I've explained nor is it shown in my screenshots, or 2) that I'm leaving the entire section disconnected indefinitely, which is not the case. Do check back in tho, because I've made changes and am happy to finally receive actual feedback.


At any rate, I think updated information and screenshots will help,
I'm still paying attention to this thread Cromwall, so we'll keep going with it.
I change my city layout 2 to 5 times per Era.
If things look the same three weeks in a row, I get anxious.
I rearrange the living room furniture every ten days.

images (3).jpg

Just to confuse my dogs.


I am tired of seeing threads devolve into 1on1 arguments and personal attacks.

Please keep that in private messages because I will start deleting posts and handing out warnings for it.


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If you disconnect, do it just long enough to reset your timer clocks to a better schedule.
I never thought of that. I had pretty much abandoned any thoughts of disconnecting because of the ultimate cost. This would be such a simple way to reset the clock. Another tooll in our arsenal in the battle with plunderers. Thanks.


HAHAHAHA Saw the screenshot and recognized the city right off. I'm the parasite. Mom, sorry I broke another one of my toys! I'm amused how much thought I've caused to be generated, and all of it is nonsense. You have made no effort to understand my motivation to formulate a genuine deterrent, instead simply fighting against a box of unknown contents labeled with the somewhat disparaging term of 'parasite.' The city looks the same as it did these months ago, and I don't think I've ever seen this 'disconnect' used. I plunder incidentally, if I'm out scraping for PvP points, or for quest. I've only caught the Palace once, but that Queen has been my dirty girl on quite a few occasions. You aren't a worthy destination for regular plunder, since you really make so little, there is usually nothing to take. You lose because your defense is so incredibly weak. On the flip side, if you did have a great defense, I would be there all the time, racking up points. There is no defense except a legitimate superior defense. You've never come to visit me, and I don't have 'hundreds of dollars worth of watchfires' out - not a single one. If you check in on me to verify that, note my 'second' line of defense. I make so much that losing any is insignificant, nothing to get tizzied and write 'guides.'