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Diamond Expansions?


When is a reasonable time to buy city expansions with diamonds? Do they get more expensive as time goes by? I have been very frugal with diamonds to date (saved up 670), but as I get stronger I have been accruing a few more in GE. I do not want to age up from CA until I get my fighting strength up a little more, but could use a few more sections to grow.


Well-Known Member
You can buy 2 at least diamond expansions every age. Costs go up with age. If you have not bought any yet you will still be able to buy them at BA cost.


Well-Known Member
There will *never* come a time when you couldn't use a few more expansions to grow. We all do :cool:.

They do get more expensive. First two are 200. Next two are 400. But then they are 600 each for the next 12 before jumping to 800. And so on.
See: https://en.wiki.forgeofempires.com/index.php?title=Expansions

I usually buy them when I really need just one more to place something good, a new GB or event building maybe. Not just to make room for a couple more clockmakers.

What also works for me is to set a mental limit on how many diamonds I need to save before I buy the next one. And every time I buy one, I raise the limit. If I buy one for 200 when I have 670, then maybe I won't buy the next one until I have 10000. Then 1500, and so on. (I do the same with coins and supplies doing UBQs early on.) It's a mental trick that works for me. YMMV. Credit cards are always an option too, but not for the incurably frugal.


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Personally I go for diamond expansions as soon as I can afford them. Space is the most limited resource you have and the only one that cant be made in a building you construct. There is no value in dropping diamonds on a special building that you dont have the space to build.

Lord Pest

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As soon as I age up I buy my diamond expansion squares. More city building space is the best use of diamonds in the game. Diamonds are easy to come by if you do all 64 GE each week and if you fight a lot of fights in GBG. 2000 or more fights in GBG each season and it will out preform GE as a diamond producer.