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Dark Druid

New Member
Different ways...Wishing Wells and Fountains of Youth randomly produce them. Guild Expeditions also occasionally reward them. I believe that there are other sources as well.


Active Member
Any quest that shows a pair of dice/marked as random for the reward may turn into diamonds. There are some other rules (i.e. if it is labeled as a recurring quest, you only get the diamonds once per era per quest).

There are also some diamond rewards from taking control of specific provinces on the continent map.

Occasionally upon completing a battle in the PvP arena (win OR lose), you can get diamonds.

There are also diamonds from other places (such as great building effects, rewards from certain things in the Arctic Harbor, Oceanic Terminal, etc.).

Basically, don't worry too much, you'll get them as you play provided you don't blow them on things you don't need (i.e. don't ever buy something that costs diamonds from the construction menu). I've only been playing for two years and I have nearly 50k diamonds that slowly but steadily increase.


Active Member
I found in the beginning GE was the best source, especially after I could play through level 3 and the first 3 encounters in level 4.


Well-Known Member
new player here.....where do you get diamonds without paying for them. I am progressing very slow without them.

The game tends to be slow but if you believe you are going particularly slow you should ask around for a decent training guild as that will help you a lot. There are also some guides in the forum that would help you get a city off the ground faster.

Lord Pest

Well-Known Member
GE… especially level 4 used to be the best source of diamonds unless you have 100+ wishing wells. GBG is now the best source of diamonds.


Active Member
Don't discount story quests and side quests. If your CF is robust, those diamonds you earn are boosted. You can also earn diamonds doing recurring quests, 1 time only for each quest you do in each era.

The Lady Redneck

Well-Known Member
This game is designed to require patience. It is not one that you can rush through to get to the end as it has no end as such. I played for about 7 years before I bought any diamonds at all to play the game. The best way to be able to progress at a decent rate is to get yourself into a good active guild and be active in the guild. That way you will get all the help you need to grow your city without spending any cash.