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Forwarded Did i get a private message? lol lets look again

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Active Member
A way to see if you got a Private message.

Current System (if applicable)
Just a small red ! icon showing new messages

Add in pic below: A green ! Icon just for Private Messages pic 1
And a new Tab in Message Center to separate them from Guild threads pic 2message center5.jpgmessage center 00.jpg

A easy way to see if any one sent a PM no more check and jumbled threads and private messages together

Abuse Prevention
I see no possible abuse


+1 I would find this useful and helpful. I’m on an iPad and sometimes don’t find a private message for several days. I know I could scroll back every hour or two but this is a good idea.


Well-Known Member

I have 6 guild threads and they get updated like every hour!!

Only bad is that this is only for mobile.


New Member

Great idea, for all platforms, could simply have same small arrow pop-up for pc users on the message box.


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
And my Question to you how do you know if someone sends a Private message
lol have you been in a guild with lots of messages and the private messages is always below all the rest and have to load more just to see them every time
Maybe you are not a real player!
Ofcourse I am not a real player, so I don't get messages. If I would, I would see the message notice. Does it matter if it is guild or private? Do you want to ignore guild and only see private?



I have wished this for a long time.
We easily have 15 guild threads and my guild member's private messages get pushed back.


Anything that helps messages get more visibility would be great, but on PC too please. I would particularly love it if new private messages had a special mark and I'd also love it if certain threads or messages could be marked as important.

I help lead a top 10 guild with almost 80 members, we have lots of swap and 1.x threads, plus others. Most private messages get knocked back to page 5-6 in a matter of minutes most of the time.
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