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Forwarded Did i get a private message? lol lets look again

Do you like this idea?

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    Votes: 21 77.8%
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    Votes: 6 22.2%

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What this thread tells me is that a lot of people aren't going through all of their messages to see everything that's unread, and further, they don't want to. I get that; on one of my worlds I have 15 pages of messages. I don't go through that whole thing every day, but every second or third day I do. Flagging private messages isn't going to change that behavior: if I don't have time for guild messages, which are likely more important, I don't have time for private ones either.

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Unnecessary. If it is just a swap thread, it takes like a second to open it and close it and move on. It's not like you have to study who has contributed to what and when, why or where. Open and close and move on. It is not difficult to figure out which messages are PM and which are not. It's like getting mail from the snail department (AKA USPS). Most will just browse the mail we deem unimportant and read more thoroughly the mail we deem important. However, it doesn't come with color coded exclamation points.
Separate folders to find saved messages might be a good idea. However, color coding icons for new messages is overkill.

BTW: No I am not a real player. Just a bot programmed to seek out and reply to new proposals.


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If I understand correctly you’re saying Green is for 1 person messages while red would be for group messages. I’m not sure that would really change anything in a meaningful manner. Not if we’re still keeping red on the single person PMs when you actually open the message centre. Whatever symbols you use on the outside needs to be easily identifiable on the inside without explanation. If you have to explain what it means once implemented then it’s only going to cause confusion


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Yes vote here..the message system is outdated and with the arrival of mobile and group messaging we need a new system. Whether its a tab system with 'personal', 'guild', 'hood' 'system' 'links' etc. or some other system, it would help clear up the clutter and make the system more user friendly. I especially would like to see guild links as a tab.


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I get a message from someone, then it gets buried by the trade/guild threads past page 5 and find it a few days later when the question or thing they said is no longer relevant.

Message Center has needed some overhaul for a while. I'd like extra tabs. One for personal messages, one for trade threads, and one for Guild stuff (GbG, GvG, Group wide messages, etc...).

If you're going to reply "You should just check your messages more often" or "it ain't Innos job to sort your mail", save yourself the effort and eat a bag of Richards.


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Looks like it's mobile only. I don't play mobile. I'm a no if this doesn't benefit all players because I'd rather the devs spend time on things that benefit us all.
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