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Forwarded Disable certain message notifications

Would you like to see this in the game?

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    Votes: 24 80.0%
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    Votes: 6 20.0%

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Stephen Longshanks

Proposal: Have the ability to disable notifications from certain Private Messages and Group Messages.

Current System: In the mobile app, under Settings, one has the option to enable or disable notifications from the Messaging Center. It's one or the other; no middle ground.

Details: While having a message open, along with the existing options of leaving the conversation or seeing the group info (acessible from the top left corner), a new option will appear, allowing you to disable notifications from that specific thread. The other conversation participants need not be alerted of this. Upon exiting the conversation (not leaving; simply closing the window), a new icon will appear on that conversation in the overview, letting you know that you have notifications disabled for that specific conversation. This can, of course, be reversed if needed.
This could be useful for players participating in swap threads or other kinds of threads that are updated often. Many who also play on mobile, including myself, might have message notifications enabled to stay aware of stuff that could come up. However, it can be frustrating to open it only to see that someone posted on the 10 FP swap thread.

Abuse: None

Conclusion: This proposal would reduce repeated notifications from active threads while still being able to remain updated on the important stuff.
Please post any comments to the original proposal thread. https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/disable-certain-message-notifications.27404/

Stephen Longshanks

This is in the process of being submitted to the developers for consideration.
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