Discussion of the Friend Invites dilema


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When I've sent friend requests to top players in a world, I always get more acceptances than rejections. Just started a city on the newest world, and the pattern continues. Sent requests to many of the top 100 players and only 1 has rejected it, with over a dozen accepting so far.

UPDATE: So far 21 accepted, 3 declined. All top 100 players.
And one top 300 player accepted :)

Gutmeister I dont know how u play but there are few newer players that would be able to meet my goods needs further by the time u reach Future or above if u dont have goods u aint getting them from those players u mention.
Honestly not sure what you're saying here. You're saying you can't find new players that want to buy your goods? Or you're a young play and unable to buy them? Which World you playing on?