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Do Not Suggest Display Attack/Ignore status on Sector Pop-up for non-Battlefield Officers

Show sector attack/ignore status on sector pop-up window

  • Yes

  • No

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Tony 85 the Generous

Well-Known Member
Display the attack/ignore status for a sector on the pop-up window for the sector for non-battlefield officers

Attack-Ignore shown Attack.jpg

Attack-Ignore shown ignore.jpg

I did not find a similar or related idea posted.

The pop-up window covers a large portion of the battlefield, possibly including the sector the pop-up is displaying information about.

As you can see the pop-covers sector A3X. being an officer I can see and select the symbols.
Attack-Ignore shown.JPG

As a non-officer the screen looks like:
Attack-Ignore not shown 2.jpg

While repeatedly working on the same sector, if the symbol for the sector (in this case A3: Xemga) is updated the non-officer is unaware of the change in status as they cannot see the sector and they have no display in their pop-up window.

Add the status of the attack and ignore symbols to the pop-up window, in the same place as the officer's controls.

Non-officers sector window would look like:

Attack-Ignore shown none.jpg View attachment 18495 Attack-Ignore shown ignore.jpg

No ability to select or control the symbols is provided to non-officers. Just the display of any active symbol.
Battlefield officer's pop-up window would remain the same.

Visual Aids:
See previous section and pictures.

No effect on any aspect outside of GBG. Within GBG, will have a positive impact by by providing more information to non-officers participating in GBG.

Abuse Prevention:
No abuse possible. No effect on guild officers and members privileges.

The sector pop-up can hide the sector and the attack/ignore symbol on the sector while a non-officer is working on the sector. The additional information will help the non-officer work with the officer's and guild strategy as things change.


  • Attack-Ignore shown ignore.jpg
    Attack-Ignore shown ignore.jpg
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Well-Known Member
Sounds like your guild needs to do a bit of training with your non-officers. While the box can hide a province, adjusting the map will make it visible.

Talk about a non-issue. Inno should not be asked to cover for the inadequacies of your leadership. Train your members to move the map to always be able to see the flag of the province they're working on. No fix needed.


Well-Known Member
There is a feedback thread for this, so that makes it DNS. If I am not mistaken that thread also holds a lot of suggestions made to control guild members, so I do not even know if this is new or not.