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Forwarded Display Guild Name on PC when clicking avatar in Message Center

Display Guild Name on PC to match Mobile

  • Yes

    Votes: 25 92.6%
  • No

    Votes: 2 7.4%

  • Total voters

Tony 85 the Generous

Well-Known Member
Display the Guild Name of the player when clicking on the avatar in the message center.

On PC, clicking on the avatar in the message center there is no guild or age information given for the selected player.
PC Message Popup.JPG

On Mobile, clicking on the avatar in the message center displays the players age and guild
Mobile Message Popup.JPG

Not on DNS.
Possibly found one previous attempt at suggesting this idea. I'm not sure as it was so poorly written and lacked pictures and specific detail.

First, to make the pop-up boxes more similar between PC and mobile by providing the same information on both when clicking on an avatar.

Second, when on PC and a message from a player comes in, most applicable to a player whose name you do not recognize (as being in the guild or friends list) to find that player's guild you must manually search for the player's name in the Global Ranking section to find their guild. On mobile the player's guild is listed in the equivalent pop-up box.

Display the player's guild in the pop-up/display box on PC as it is on mobile. PC/browser screens are larger and the additional space for one line in the box should not be a concern. The request is to display the guild. The players age could also be displayed or not.

Visual Aids:
See above.

Will not affect any other features.

Abuse Prevention:
No possibility for abuse.

The change will improve homogenization between PC and mobile platforms for the information displayed for this aspect.

The players age could also be displayed or not. Does anyone know of a use to see the player's age when clicking the avatar in the message center?