Display headcount in building information pane


I vote yes on this proposal. I think more information when clicking/tapping/hovering on a building is very helpful in many ways.

For one, on mobile when a special building like the Black Tower is motivated it doesn’t actually list out the benefits it gives, just shows the coins doubled. Whereas a set building does actually show what all bonuses it offers with each set piece attached to it. The difference between the two is actually quite confusing.

More information about the building in the information box just seems like a natural thing that should already be included for all buildings....


I agree with Elaine. If you do not have enough population, the building you want to build is dimmed. All you have to do is look see how much population is needed and build the appropriate housing or sell some buildings to get your people count up. pretty easy.
So I also vote no.
Yes, I understand there are many, many ways to determine headcount for building. You can click delete on the building, you can look it up on Wiki, you can look in the building menu, you could even ask a friend. I know about all those really fun, cool ways to find a building's headcount.

What I am proposing doesn't change anything about how you do things now. If you still want to delete the building, look it up in the building menu, find it on Wiki, or ask your friend - you still can. Knock yourself out. Good times.

My idea is simply about adding a feature, not removing a piece of functionality you already use and forcing you to do something another way.


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I support being able to either hover over or at least be able to click on a building to see how much population it provides. Heck, I'd even support being able to see how much population is being consumed by a production building as well. It's a simple matter to look up the relevant costs of buildings unlocked in the research menu, but doesn't it feel more than a bit clunky to have to click on a building to sell it or navigate the inventory to find a spare if it's something that's not unlocked through research? Population bonuses and penalties should just be displayed on the building at all times. To me I see it as no different from buildings that affect happiness. Those can simply be hovered over to see their effects, so why not have population modifiers work the same way?

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If you've followed my posts for a while, you'll know that I am generally opposed to changes to info displays, but this can be helpful and doesn't mess up anything else in the game. That's a yes from me. It is really annoying not being able to tell without going to the Wiki or going through all the motions of selling to find out what the population or population requirement of a special building is.


I don't see how this would be a problem for anybody. It may only help a small percent but it's not going to affect anybody at all so why would there be a no vote? It's not something that is forcing anybody to do anything or changing any aspect of the game play.

Although I would never use it I vote yes since it may help some players while not affecting anybody in any way.


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This discussion thread is how we would like all of them to be. Everyone involved explained there point of view greatly without negativity and it went up for vote afterwards. Let this be a model thread discussion to others.
Congratulations on getting it this far.


I like it and vote yes. I was actually going to propose this until I saw this thread. Especially significant with special buildings. You can go to your inventory, and page over (PC) til you find it ...I have 30 pages (scroll down on mobile) run the numbers ...close inventory, open DC, Story line, Special Event quests etc etc. I would like to be able to mouse over my pop buildings and see pop for that particular bldg (which can be 20 -30 different kinds if you have played long).


As a strict mobile player, and kinda being a Math wiz, I personally find it irrelevant. However, if OTHERS need this, who am I to stand in their way?
I will vote yes, even if I dont need it.


I vote yes! We do enough clicking and this would save a bit of time.


What about guild members trading coins and supplies any thoughts?


What about guild members trading coins and supplies any thoughts?
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