DNSL Proposals


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I would like to propose that we move DNSL proposals to Forge Hall instead of closing them. Of course this being a DNSL proposal itself (being that it is about the forums instead of the game), I know not to ACTUALLY propose it. But I'd like to. Too often, I come to the forums and see a whole new round of garbage proposals that I'd like to weigh in on with some snark and irreverence. But, to my dismay, they've already been closed. :-( It's such a lost opportunity sometimes. It would be far more fun to have them sent to Forge Hall where they can be properly torn to shreds by other players. Some of them are downright silly, while others are quite condescending, and yet I find myself moving on with my day, wondering what could've been.


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I agree with this. As long as the OP understands that his thread being moved to FH means that it's dead as a proposal, I see no reason that a conversation can't continue about the topic.

On the other hand, they would likely all devolve into flame wars so I'm not sure it would be worth the effort. Most of the DNSL proposals that are closed are from forum newbs who don't know any better, and have had their idea's lack of merit thoroughly hammered the last time a newb proposed it.

On the gripping hand, it might be enlightening for the new newb to learn why his or her brilliant idea isn't that brilliant, or new, or good for the game.


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On the other hand, they would likely all devolve into flame wars so I'm not sure it would be worth the effort.
That's kind of my point... LOL Hardly much effort involved if that's the purpose! ;-)

So your "proposal" is to leave DNSL proposals open in Forge Hall so you can break the Forum rule about "building of community"?
Correct. However, one man's community is another man's prison. I can think of several forum members who would be brought together in solidarity on these proposal tear-downs. It's all relative!

Of course, it would build a community, but not one that is very welcoming
Is that what we've got here now? Hmmm... it's often so hard to tell.


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I'm all in favor of discussion, argument, debate, whatever.

Just don;t want even more sources of +1, look it up, again, search, -1 and all the other useless stuff that gets dropped in a discussion thread.

But that's just me. I like the notion of playing with ideas, seeing if they are feasible, sucky, improvable.

On the gripping hand,
Heh. Still hoping for a third book. OR anything from that pair.


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I like discussion. No, "banned" proposals won't be implemented... but neither will any but (maybe!) a tiny handful of acceptable proposals--duly approved by this forum and passed on to the developers--be implemented. There's almost no difference between banned and acceptable proposals. Yes, of course a tiny chance of implementation is greater than zero chance, but realistically. almost all proposals are DoA anyway. The only real value of any proposal lies in whatever possibly interesting discussion it generates.


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There is a Forum rule about not working against the building of community which, if enforced, would mean the deletion or editing of at least 75% of posts.
It still depends on a subjective interpretation of "community" as well as the definition of "working against the building" of such.