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Do not suggest list [READ BEFORE POSTING]

Discussion in 'Proposals' started by Scarecrow, Jun 2, 2012.

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  1. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Guest

    What Not To Suggest?

    Please note that any other ideas along the same lines will also not be submitted, so it's in your own best interest not to suggest any ideas similar to these.

    In particular, please do not suggest the following ideas, as they will not be submitted:

    Do Not Suggest List

    • Ideas to make yourself richer...or make the game easier. (The game is meant to be played over time and is meant to have a lot of strategy to it.)
    • Building rotation (Placing your buildings in optimum positions is part of the game.)
    • Changes/Additions to GvG
    • Any unit upgrades
    • Server clock
    • Anything that is already available through Diamond purchase
    • Anything changing the production times for coins, supplies, units, etc. (This includes Great Buildings.)
    • Changes regarding Diamonds (Costs of items and features, package prices, uses of Diamonds, easier access to Diamonds, etc.)
    • Changes to size of Forge Point bar or changes to where Forge Points earned/won are placed. (FP bar or inventory.)
    • Better trade ratios (Things are supposed to be limited so there is no account feeding.)
    • Trading of items other than Goods (This is simply too open for abuse.)
    • Any proposal to alter, delete or limit plundering
    • Additional expansions in any way
    • Ability to prioritize the order in which buildings in your city receive aid.
    • Gifting of buildings, inventory items, etc.
    • New buildings or items (Buildings and items are developed in accordance with a feature, event or era so balance within the game is ensured.)
    • New worlds with other game conditions (Double speed, no PvP, etc.)
    • Removal of features (Such as opting out of PvP.)
    • Suggestions for new Great Buildings or changes to Great Building bonuses (If there is an issue with a new GB that needs balancing, it should be discussed in the appropriate feedback thread.)
    • Changes to existing rewards
    • Bringing computer functions to mobile devices
    • Any improvements to Inno itself (Staff and new servers.)
    • Proposals must be in English
    • Do not place a proposal up for voting of any kind.
    Note: These are things that InnoGames are not looking for currently. That doesn't mean such things will not be added at some point, ( they may end up adding strong units or events/buildings that provide an easier access to Diamonds for example,) but they don't need any more of such things suggested to them at this time.
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  2. Stephen Longshanks

    Stephen Longshanks Forum Moderator

    May 8, 2015
    If you feel a proposal is in violation of the DNSL, please use the "Report" button to bring it to the attention of moderators rather than posting about it in that thread. Thank you.

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