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Do we really want the Aid button?


The Aid button is good and it's not so good. For people like me who sometimes get busy for days, the Aid button keeps me motivating and polishing because it's quick. But I'm not sure I like everyone not knowing what they are motivating and polishing. Part of the fun of the game is getting to know your guild mates, friends and neighbors and giving them what what they want! For example, I have 3 windmills and very often in spite of it, I'm sometimes low on supplies. Motivating my windmills amounts to 13,896 supplies a day. That's not insignificant, to say the least. But with everyone blindly clicking their Aid button, it would be a real trick of coordination to keep my windmills motivated.
Another disadvantage is if someone motivates or polishes you there really is no reason to thank him. He probably just clicked the Aid button without ever visiting your city.
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The Aid Button is wonderful, and it saves me most of an hour per day.
My event log has jumped from 14 pages to more than 40 pages.
I'm getting 3 times as many visitors now, and if one attracts ENOUGH visitors,
everything gets Motivated/Polished in any case.


The AID button to me is weighted to heavy towards polishing. Needs to be a 50 - 50, I need and would like to see much more motivating out of that thing.


I used to play on 11 different worlds (between the US server, Beta server and EN Server) and there was no physical way possible for me to motivate/polish over 2000 people a day...however with the aid button it became more possible...I still play 4 worlds and am able to get through M/P each day now in about 30 minutes.


I have some unsolicited advice; please don't take it the wrong way. Spreading yourself so thin costs you in the quality of individual relationships.