Dragonwyk Realm--A Rising Star among Guilds!


Dragonwyk Realm is a level 31 guild with a mission to be the best guild in FOE. We are a top 100 guild in Houndsmoor with our current rank being #75. Our members are helpful, supportive, fun loving and a cooperative bunch! We talk about guild ideas and welcome input from our members. We are active participators in PvP, and GE GvG battles. We're a tight knit bunch and if you'd like to be a part of this great guild send an application or let any of our members know you're interested in being a part of this amazing guild! YOU MUST BE ACTIVE AND WILLING TO AID YOUR GUILD MATES.
******************************GE GVG GUILD CHAMPIONS WEEK #1 & 2********************************
We have so many trophies now we need a new showcase to hold them all LOL.
We ask that new members build an Observatory ASAP after joining us as it contributes to the guild Treasury to help us open levels of GE each week. We do have an Obs. team as well as an Arc team to help newer members get these buildings going.

Guild Officers:
Killian Snow--Leader
The Polish Rose Queen--Leader
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