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Dragonwyk Realm recruiting GvG and GE players!

We are a Level 35 guild in the Global top 25 ranked guilds in Houndsmoor recruiting new ACTIVE members. We place in the top 3 guilds in GE every week and participate in GvG as well. If that interests you join us, we have a great time battling! You must have an Observatory or other guild Treasury contributing great building. We have multiple FP exchanges for your great buildings to help you grow your city. We pick up trades for each other quickly and are an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly guild. Come join us for some fun! Contact any of the guild officers for an invite.

Fantasm1st: Founder
bamaboyndc: Leader
MJGriz: Leader
The Polish Rose Queen: Co-Founder
Killian Snow: Leader
Scorpio96: Leader
Jobu: Recruiter/Co-Founder

Junior officers: Lord Broken Wind.
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