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Dune is Building a BG Powerhouse

Claire the Divergent

Active Member
We are a mature, drama-free guild where everyone is active. We are either the 2nd or 3rd strongest Battleground guild on Parkog, win the Guild Expedition every week and GvG a lot for fun, too (although participation is completely voluntary and we never ask for donations to the treasury.

We are in the Platinum Battleground league, and will be one of the first Parkog guilds in Diamond. We use Siege Camps extensively to allow our fighters to get more rewards with lower attrition.

Our goals are:

1. Have Fun
2. Finish 2nd in Battlegrounds in the Diamond League
3. Support our members better than any other guild

Our requirements - which we help new players meet - are:
  1. Finish GE4 weekly, early when necessary to win **(over 50% of the time we waive the 64 requirement if it isn't required for us to win)
  2. Aid fellow guild members at least 3 times per week
  3. Have an Observatory or Arc (or commit to getting one)
  4. Donate 1 FP to most new GBs in the guild
  5. (New) Complete a minimum of 100 advancements in BGs per season (100 fights or 50 negotiations, or some combination)
We offer many things to our members including: 7 FPs per day from the town hall, highly active FP trains, a Sticks to Bricks program, mentoring, city planning, cheap blueprints for most GBs (if we know you need them!), and cheap Goods for higher level GBs.

Additional highlights we offer:
  • 1.9 locks on all requested GBs
  • free Alcatraz and Chateau goods
  • 7 x 100 FP giveaways/week to members who finish GE4
  • 15 FPs to any member that notifies the guild of a GvG siege in progress
  • Many guides including which GBs to build, how to Negotiate in GE, etc
If you are interested, please message me or Cokkan in game. Cheers, Claire
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Claire the Divergent

Active Member
We just wrapped up a 2nd place finish in Platinum league, and will be playing in Diamond league next season. We had 19 members complete 500 or more advancements, and we're looking for more! (Guild minimum is 100 per season)


It is like each player make 20 advances?
This is powerhouse?
I have radio that is make energy when you are turn handle .radio.jpegDune can be very like this little radio,it is make some noise from little power.


Senior Ingame Moderator
It is like each player make 20 advances?
This is powerhouse?
500 over 11 days is 45-46 advances per day for 19 of those players. So 45-46 fights or 23 negotiations

I get that doesn’t sound like much, but that’s still across the 19 members a combined 874 advances per day. Which would be 6-7 provinces per day in Platinum. You don’t need to take the whole map. You only need to focus on the middle sectors for the main fighting and gradually take the sectors closer to base inbetween fights.

That’s not even counting the input from the rest of the guild. With a 109 minimum requirement if they had 80 members then that’s be another 555 advances per day or 4 provinces making for 11 provinces each day.

Meaning every day if they have a full guild they can take a fifth of the map. The 1st and 2nd rings only have a combined total of 12 provinces. So they could take half the middle sectors twice a day. Or a quarter 4 times a day. The placement of sector taking will effect how far those advances stretch
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Haww haw I am make 80 advance each day with 1 player.Dune is a cry baby guild?


"Thanks for bumping this thread", lol.

Guilds in Diamond right now aren't doing too shabby, I'd say.


so it's more like

3 + 7 + 10 + 31
Actually, it's probably a combo of fights and negos, looking over the numbers... she says advances not specifically fights or negotiations. So 1 member could fall into more than one category.
Ex: I had 1000 fights and 500 negos, 2 categories

Claire the Divergent

Active Member
@Claire the Divergent I'd like to see the numbers after this season ends :)
This season we achieved Diamond League (the 2nd diamond guild on Parkog). Our members completed 54,161 advancements (averaging 752 advancements per member for the season, or 68+ advancements per member...everyday!)

We had:
  • 60 over 100 advancements,
  • 38 over 500,
  • 21 over 800,
  • and 17 members over 1,000
We are still accepting applications for mature, team-players who love BGs but slots are getting very tight.