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Dustkings Building the Future from the Dust of the Past


Dustkings is a small but growing Family oriented guild. We are looking for new and experienced players to grow and have fun.Teamwork is what we do always helping each other. If you want something more than just a guild look us up. Our Rules are very simple and straight forward.

Be as active as you can, we know life happens and will make allowances.
We do not condone attacking or plundering others; if that’s your thing you might be happier somewhere else .
Be respectful, we are a family oriented group and have young players.

We do fair guild trades and help each other as much as we can.
We are willing to train and help new players and have an off-site Guild Page and onsite Forum.
We are not a Battle guild and prefer to Negotiate to get what we want.
Make no mistake we will Fight if we need too.
All are welcome to join and become part of our Family.