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Dustkings looking for new Guildies!

dolce darcia

New Member
Welcome to the Dustkings!
We are a small guild with players in various Ages hoping to grow in numbers again.
We’re currently recruiting all beginners and experts in this game!

Our goal is simple!
1) Respect other players.
2) Complete min 4 encounters in Guild Expedition weekly. **
3) Follow Fair Trades rule.
4) No plundering allowed, except for when you have Quest(s).
5) Help with Guild Treasuries.

- We keep GE2 open every week.
- We are in Gold League for GBG (aiming for Platinum League).
- We do NOT participate in GvG.
- We have many useful Threads to support you!

Fair Trades guide:
1:1 ratio if resources are from the same tier.
1:2 ratio if trading 1 tier down.
2:1 ratio if trading up 1 tier.

** 3 strikes for missed weekly GE may result in your termination from the Guild, unless we’re provided with appropriate reasons.

If you’re interested in join us, hit that Apply button now!