DV8 Guild Seeking new members for a laid back guild.


New Member
Guild name, Dv8
S world.
Our guild is rebuilding and is now open join for players Modern age or lower. Please, no one above Modern Era.

If you aren't interested in GvG or competing in GE, this is the guild for you! We are a laid back, friendly and very helpful guild that just wants to play at our own pace, the way we want without any pressures or demands. It's a great guild for newbies to get established, set up and to learn, and also, for experienced players that just need a break to get caught up with their supplies, coins, goods, and level their great buildings, reorganize their cities.

No GvG
GE optional.

Not many rules other than,
Fair trades only
Do not level any ones great building. Save the last point for the owner, write them and let them know.
Please help if someone asks for forge point donations for sticks to bricks (new great buildings)
Aid and visit taverns every day you are on.

That's about it!
Just have fun, relax and do your own thing, when you want, how you want for as long as you want. Let's help each other grow!