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EAGLES QUEST, a pro GE guild looking for new recruits


Interested in discussing your uncontrollable urge & desire join the best guild in Noarsil? We bolster a relaxed culture, but take pride in being good at what we do and how we engage the game. We hold a higher standard than your average guild but understand there is also life outside this game which will always come first.

Why are we recruiting? This new campaign was started to bring in some fresh faces to replace a handful of players that have left the guild because of IRL matters.

While we're not an uber FOE crazy guild with zero tolerance rules, we do push for players who want to learn & get better while improving their cities (although if you’re beyond help and refuse to learn, we’re not the guild for you).

What we offer:

  • Sticks to Bricks GB raising donations from all members of the guild
  • GB support threads to help get your GB raised quickly while providing ample contribution rewards
  • Offer only fair trades
  • Global Rank: 141 with Guild Level 19 nearing Level 20
    • 2FP/day from town hall
    • 12% reduction in troop recruiting/healing
    • 5% reduction in building supply costs

What we need:

  • Ability to complete 8 GE encounters/week (currently 55/22/10 in trophy counts)
    • Observatory helpful; must be willing to work toward obtaining if none currently
    • Zeus, Castel del Monte, Cathedral of Aachen helpful. (If you currently rely upon negotiation tactics to limp through GE, we're not the guild for you). The only way to truly excel in GE is to have the ability to battle your way through.
  • Mandatory participation in sticks-to-bricks raising
  • Healthy participation on GB threads. (If your GB strategy is to level your own buildings with your own FPs, we're not the guild for you)
    • Currently offering (3, 5, 10, 20, Temple of Relics, Observatory, Alcatraz, Arc)
  • Willingness to learn, adapt and help the guild which in turn, ultimately helps you
  • Above all else, have fun
Please get in touch with me here or in-game if you're interested.
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Ha! In hindsight, what Eagles Quest guilds do in all those other worlds is irrelevant to what we do here so I've decided to remove that tidbit from the post. Our only legacy to all those other worlds is that all the guilds spawned from the same group of founders. We live by the same set of rules but other than that, we're simply EQ of Noarsil.