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[Poetry] Early Age Poem


An Early Age

You start with stones
Huts, bare bones
You get to an age of Bronze
Stilt houses littered about a new world

Suddenly, you advance to an age of dark
Where gold and copper is loaded into an Ark
Which sends you to the icy Nordic landscapes
Where runestones and ice make up the drapes.

Here you reach a high point
Berserkers and longbows take up the joint
Chivalrous knights ride upon a horse
And a new chariot sets a new course.

Here, it is late.
The age of this is the longest date.
Hereupon you fixate your eyes
on the skies above the rough paved roads.

A colonial age of porcelain and coffee
as well as a war over a big fee.
Here, the tea leaves grow on the other side
and here independence and Paul Revere rides.

Industries booming, Royal Albert Hall
The capitol is the center of politics, all
of whom have been placed
in arty kind of place.