Easier adding FP's on GB's

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I would like to have a new button on the Great Buildings, in which you can insert the amount of Forge Points that you want to put on that building.

Current System (if applicable)
Now you have to click or tap for every 10 FP's added

Having that new button, you can type there what amount of FP's you want to add on that GB (from your inventory) and after that click add.

Abuse Prevention
I can't think of any abuse.

Visual Aids


It is more easier like this, because when you have to insert 1000+ Forge Points for example it takes a lot of time. And adding that there are a lot of level 80+ GB's, where the amount of FP's needed is high, I think that this idea will be very appreciate.


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We all would support it...we championed it...we shouted for it...we begged for it..and then INNO got their hands on it and made the present GB interface..They could have given us what we wanted...they could have listened to our feedback..but they chose this system to pool our fps and not allow us the "plus" button for ease in placing odd amounts. Lesson learned.....


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I can see all the problems this brings up for swaps and the infighting that could occur when mistakes are made...Player Joe FoE uses 20 fp swap and mistakenly adds 200...Is he entitled to 180 in return from the owner..? Should he petition INNO for this mistake...? What about players that are new and every fp is precious..? Will they quit in disgust or simply enter these forums in droves crying about the new interface and demanding yet another check box to make certain they don't screw up...? Will even THAT be enough..? Players are human and humans get pressed for time and mistakes happen...mistakes with the building blocks of the game need to be kept to a minimum and the interface should reflect this even if it's clunky.....

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People will mistype, not look at what they have typed and just push the button
That's their problem.
It will generate lots of tickets and forum posts when two people use it at the same time, and then one realizes they massively overpaid for second place. No downside whatsoever!
This already happens anyway.

Personally I'm a -1 as the game already doesn't do such a great job figuring out what fp packs to use when you click 10 fp when you have a few fps on the bar. I'd rather just get a larger fp pack.
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