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Easier adding FP's on GB's

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I'm not saying I support the proposal BECAUSE mistakes would be easier to make, I'm saying I support the proposal DESPITE the fact that mistakes would be easier to make. That is, I don't care that it makes them easier to make because it also makes it so I don't have to click the +10 button 300 times when I'm donating to a high level GB. As to whose problem it is, sure it's not just YOUR problem if you affected someone else, but that's true of lots of mistakes. To put it more directly- even if someone uses the button incorrectly and costs me FPs/medals/BPs, I'd still rather have the option to use the button than it not exist. I'll work with the person who made the mistake to come to a fair solution if they are willing, and if they are not willing, well that's a cheap way to learn a lesson about them. And again, it's a game. I'm not really going to get worked up over even a 1000 FPs- it'll be mildly annoying at most.
It is not the effect on you per se, it is the effect on Support. Overwhelmed with, "I made a mistake can you ... ?"

In the 1.85 and 1.9 threads I'm on, it is common practice to pay back overages, etc. That impacts those not making the mistake. While I'm happy to do it once in a while, I would not be pleased to get messages asking for repayments depleting my FP inventory because they have fat fingers.

I'd support more buttons, but I'm not a fan of the type in option.

Stephen Longshanks

Voting has closed on this proposal and it did not receive the required percentage of yes votes.
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