Easier adding FPs to GBs.

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Stephen Longshanks

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I would like to have a new button on the Great Buildings, in which you can insert the amount of Forge Points that you want to put on that building.

Current System (if applicable)
Now you have to click or tap for every 10 FP's added

Having that new button, you can type there what amount of FP's you want to add on that GB (from your inventory) and after that click add.

Abuse Prevention
I can't think of any abuse.

Visual Aids

It is more easier like this, because when you have to insert 1000+ Forge Points for example it takes a lot of time. And adding that there are a lot of level 80+ GB's, where the amount of FP's needed is high, I think that this idea will be very appreciate.
Please add any comments to the original proposal thread: https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com/index.php?threads/easier-adding-fps-on-gbs.25727/
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