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East Empire Trading is Recruiting New Members

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The Guild called “East Empire Trading” is recruiting new members.
This non-GvG guild is based on fair trading, we also help each other by helping construction of new great buildings. We play Guild Expedition (GE) each week where you can win many valuable prizes by putting your battle/negotiation skills to work. Win coins, supplies, medals, forge points, troops, buildings, premium buildings, special buildings and even diamonds. Battles won in GE count as battles in PvP.

The guild has other benefits as well. Your town hall will produce 4 forge points every day. Your troops will build and heal 20% faster. Your new buildings will cost 10% less to build. We have active fp swap threads and active trading.

We are level 40, Ranked 49 with 34 members. Apply to join a friendly helpful guild and grow with us if you can meet the Seven Rules listed below. If you have any questions send Kingsindian or Fulvia 586 the Sly a PM.

*** Guild Profile/Requirements ***
We are a non-GvG trading guild. Our main objective is to support all guild members in their city and GB development through FP exchanges, FAIR TRADES, GE support. You receive 4 FPs daily in your Town Hall.
We are welcoming players that participate by following these Seven Rules:
1. Do "Fair Trades"
2. Be in Early Middle Age or higher
3. Have an Observatory, Atomium, or Arc GB
4. Do at least "Three GE Attempts"
5. Donate at least 1 FP in "Sticks to Bricks"
6. Must Read and Answer your messages.
7. "Aid" guildies at least once per week.
Join in and let’s continue building a great guild!