Easter Contiuned!


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Dear Kings and Queens,

The Easter Event is well underway and you may have already traded eggs for items at the Easter trader. We're back to give you the lowdown on the new goodies up for grabs during the event.

The Observatory

You'll need to collect blueprints to be able to build the Observatory, which spans across all the ages. Brand new and unique, the Observatory does not belong to any particular age and is useful when participating in the Guild versus Guild feature. The Observatory will contribute to your guild's support pool, and generate goods - or refined goods - of your current age every day, which are added directly to your guild's treasury ("regular" goods are generated in twice the amount of Modern Era goods)

Blueprints for the Observatory are not easy to find. You can get them only at the Easter trader, or by contributing to another player's Observatory, or, when you already have your first Observatory blueprint, you can also purchase them for Diamonds.

However, you won't be able to find Observatory blueprints when you polish or motivate your friends and neighbors' cities or from any other sources, e.g. quest rewards.

Champion's retreat & champion

Add a champion to your army! The Easter event introduces the Champion's retreat... a military building in which you can train and utilize a brand new unit. One single champion in your army can make a big difference - champions are fast units with the chivalry skill, but they also have a brand new skill:

Special Skill - Call of Duty
Grants attack and defense to all friendly units when this unit is killed. Only applicable once.

Each age has its own champions. The Champion's retreat is tied to a specific age and will only produce Champions of that age. It does not "level up" when you advance an age. It has one unit slot, plus an additional slot that can be unlocked with Diamonds.

Shrine of Knowledge

This special building produces coins. When motivated, it will also give a Forge Point.

Renovation kit

This item can be used from your inventory to upgrade an age-specific event building to your current age. The renovation kit can be used once.

The Forge of Empires team