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Enable “Ignore Trades” like “Ignore Player”

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Enable a player to click on trader in market and select “Ignore Trades”. I m tired of stupid traders who insist on trading two or three ages up and use normal “Fair Trade” ratios. This would permit a player to ignore all trades from such traders.

Current System (if applicable)



Not a lot of details. Just enable a selection on portrait pop-up in market to “Ignore Trades”. Should be easy enough to enable using the code from “Ignore” on player portraits elsewhere in game.

Abuse Prevention

None noted.

Visual Aids

Not Applicable


This will permit a player to filter out users who abuse the market in their opinion. And then the “filter” button on mobile can be deprecated since from my last proposal it appears a lot of users hate that feature...

Stephen Longshanks

This would be very nice when you're stuck in a hood with one of these spam traders who post unfair trades by the dozen. I am a yes on this every time.


+1 million!! I have been in hoods that have around 40 pages of trades just because some of them were spammers and have even deleted a friend I had had for a while because they did this, which was a little sad because it was a player who regularly aided and tavern visited. With this I can keep those friends that I like and just not see their trades : )


Once just after hood change, a new hoodie promptly spammed the neighborhood with his trades, many of which were grossly unfair. Ignoring the messages was easy, I would have been happy to also ignore the trades.


+1, but I do have a suggestion. Sometimes people will post unfair trades, but only for a short amount of time. Some people will have less trades taken because of so many players using this suggested feature. I would suggest that perhaps guild members can't do this to each other, since most of the time players like that will stop posting trades like that eventually or be kicked from the guild.


FOE Team
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Don't have a problem with this. I don't like when people clog the market with a dozen or so pages of badly imbalanced trades. +1


Well-Known Member
I've luckily never had a problem with this, but +1 for those who do and myself if I ever do have such an issue.


I play on mobile (ipad). I don't currently have a portrait/indicator beside market trades showing who's posting them. This is what I see..


The button to the right of each trade is simply for accepting the trade (assuming it's highlighted, showing you have enough goods for it).

Mobile players don't currently have the game mechanics currently to even see who's posting which trades. So, how are 70% of the FoE players going to benefit from this specific proposal to add an "ignore trades" option to a PC-only player portrait/indictor/identifier within the Market beside trades?


Well-Known Member
I would actually love to be able to do it directly from the trade spam sent via messages too if this makes it into the game. Spam me your crap trades... ya blocked! I don't wanna have to also go to the market and hunt down trades from that user just to block them. Once trades are blocked, they should say something like "attached trade offers are blocked from this player" similar to the "attached trade offer does not exist anymore" message shown when a trade is gone. I may not want to block the player outright, but surely blocking trade spam alone could be simple enough if the player's trades are blocked.


Well-Known Member
I am afraid I'm a no on this, although I'd like to see a solution. Like Clara Osgood I play on an iPad, and although the game now allows me to see the trader's portrait in the market screen, it is only after I accept a trade.

I am also unwilling to vote for any more proposals which benefit only the minority or further widen the pc - mobile divide. Sorry.
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