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Do Not Suggest Enable arrows in busy production buildings menu to move manually

Is this idea okay to have in the production building menu?

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In the production building menu, while doing the production set for first time, arrows are enabled to go back and forth. But after applying the productions, if wanted to verify or change the productions of few buildings need to open each building one by one. Arrows are disabled now after applying productions. Requesting idea to "Enable the arrows" for users to manually go and change the production timer if they want in production building menu.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
Did not find similar idea

After applying productions in production buildings, need to open and close one by one if wanted to change or verify. To avoid, suggested idea will give user an option to see the production buildings time producing with just by arrow navigation in the same production building menu. User can wish to modify or move to next building or close it. Same can be applied for goods and special buildings too.

Having the arrow getting enabled is an option in the production building menu with the same approach. no extra confusing logic in it. Also, enabling it doesn't means getting moved to the next building automatically. It should move to next similar busy working production buildings with user action on arrows only from the production building menu. Same scenario happening for the idle production buildings and working fine, hence asking the same for busy production buildings too.

Visual Aids:
Please see the attached image for busy/working production building menu to get the arrow enabled.

This idea won't cause any harm.

Abuse Prevention:
Do not see any possible way to abuse this.

This will make the users to check all the similar production buildings in same menu and also reduces the amount of time. Not everyone would go and verify it, but whoever wants to change/view the existing busy production buildings can use this behavior if it got implemented.



FOE Team
Forum Moderator
Your idea is on the Do Not Suggest List. There is an active feedback thread on this subject where you can leave this as feedback.