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Forwarded Enable "Ignore trades" like "Ignore player"

Would you like to see this in the game?

  • Yes

    Votes: 36 81.8%
  • No

    Votes: 8 18.2%

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Stephen Longshanks

Enable a player to click on trader in market and select “Ignore Trades”. I m tired of stupid traders who insist on trading two or three ages up and use normal “Fair Trade” ratios. This would permit a player to ignore all trades from such traders.

Current System (if applicable)



Not a lot of details. Just enable a selection on portrait pop-up in market to “Ignore Trades”. Should be easy enough to enable using the code from “Ignore” on player portraits elsewhere in game.

Abuse Prevention

None noted.

Visual Aids

Not Applicable


This will permit a player to filter out users who abuse the market in their opinion. And then the “filter” button on mobile can be deprecated since from my last proposal it appears a lot of users hate that feature...
Please post any comments in the original proposal thread. https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com...e-“ignore-trades”-like-“ignore-player”.26055/

Stephen Longshanks

This is in the process of being submitted to the developers for consideration.
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