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Greetings from Endeavour. This guild has zero drama, and is enjoyable and fun. A guild where you will find balance and will be able to achieve your highest potential. We have grown in a short time in the GE and in guild ranking in this world. We know the ropes. We enjoy all types of players from the BA to the higher levels and diverse styles of play. We have daily active members, 24/7 swap threads a arc, or obs program and good fair trades, but above all we help each other. So if you are not happy with the high demands of self serving founders or leaders, or the demands and the stress of the GVG driven guilds in this world that serves only the few. Then this is the guild for you. This is a game and the cities are not real...... oh tell me it is not so..... We Play, grow, chat and are strong players that are united in our goals. Everyone has a voice in this guild.

We invite you to apply to one of our contacts and see if we meet your needs as a player and receive the respect you deserve, take a chance and join us. Thank you
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