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    May 13, 2018
    Enenies of Old is recruiting new members.

    Are you looking for a new Guild? Are you lost in the shuffle of an over crowded Guild? Are you looking at new fresh start?
    We are a new Guild looking to recruit daily players to focus primarily in the GE at the moment and possibly the GvG in the future. We are small Guild now but look to increase our members numbers. We have a handful of experienced members that are here to guide you through the game. We are also looking for experienced players to assist our newer members.

    Currently we have 16 members, Swaps threads among other threads for trading and building.

    Our current requirements now are daily players looking to play in the GE. Players with an OBS or are willing to work toward one.

    Please reach out to one of our leaders if your interested or just click the join button.
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