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Eternal Alliance Info


New Guild Member Information

Most other guilds don’t really care too much about what players are doing, what they are building and if they are making mistakes. Here we will try to guide you through the beginnings to position you for maximum potential and growth. The stronger you are, the stronger we are.

The worst thing you can do is to not seek advice. Just accept that you don’t know anything about how the game works. There is more going on that you can imagine as yet. Just try to do what we do for now until your eyes are opened. Trust us to steer you away from the bad things and get you on the right path for future success.
If you are going to take some time off, then let us know. If you don’t login for more than 10 days, your player icon will turn red, and we will assume you have given up and remove you from the guild. So, communicate on the main thread. We like the inter-action.
Do not send friend requests to guild members. We are already on your firends list. Send friend requests to players outside of the guild. These are your only additional trading partners. 50 of us and 80 outside of the guild will give you 130 trading partners for goods. If you add all 50 of us to your friends list, you just lost 50 potential outside trading partners.

A good way to fill you friends list is every time the neighborhood changes, send out a friend request to the top 5 or 10 players in your neighborhood. Its more important to have friends that are above you in Eras than below. Don’t waste your time sending Friend Requests to the top 100 players. They either wont accept it or can’t have anymore firends. Save a couple of your 80 in order to make special connections for go
Try to do at least the first four (-4-) stations of Guild Expedition each week. The prize after the first Tower (Station4) is a blueprint for the Tower of Relics. You will need that. GE Relics can be anything. 100 FPs, 100-200 goods, buildings, etc. The farther we all make it in the GE, the better our standings and the faster our guild levels up. That means more a FPs in our town halls every day, faster build times and faster healing times for our troops.
New players should build the following buildings:
Lighthouse - supplies
St Marks - Goods
Hagia - Happiness and forge points
CdM - Military attack boost
Zues - Military Attack boost
CoA - Military attack boost
Capitol or Innovation Tower- Population / Population and forge points
Cape Canaveral - Forge Points
Alcatraz - Troops
Temple of Relics - GE Prizes

Do not build:
Babel - low output
Colosseum - Low output
Dresden - Low output
Deal Castel - not worth it

If you build one of the buildings that I just told you not to build, we will ask you to tear it down. We will not allow these buildings onto the trade threads. We will not allow the guild to waste forge points buildings great buildings that will only be deleted in a few Eras. We all build the same things in the beginning so it maximizes our forge points on the basic core buildings. Players that come here from other guilds always remark that they advance much more quickly because of this reason.

After you have the Core set of buildings and have them leveled up to a respectable level (by that time you should be starting to understand some of the strategies you will need to employ going forward) then, it will be up to you to decide your own path and plan your own strategy. We can only guide you up to the point where the remaining GBs are all Optional to Build or Not.

So, until then, your task is to build those 'Core' buildings and level them up to level 10 each. After that you will be mostly on your own as to what to do or build next, but you will have a solid basis for progress under you.
Outside of the Core buildings, the most important building in this game is The Arc. It is a Future Era GB and is difficult to get the goods for. You will likely have to do a forge point for goods trade with a Future Era player but it is well worth any sacrifice you need to make to get this built as soon as possible in the game and begin leveling this up to level 80 where you will get an additional 90% on all building rewards, forge points, blue prints and medals.

So a level 80 Arc will basically double your GB rewards for the rest of the game. Think about the difference that makes between a person with one and a person without. Especially when we are talking about 5000 forge point rewards.. when you get 9000 back and the other guy only get 5000... who is going to progress twice as fast ??
The EA TRADE Threads.
All of the Guild threads start with EA. That way you know immediately that it is a guild thread.

Our Forge Point threads are a pay it forward type of system. Find a thread that you can afford, post your GB, and pay the thread amount to the person who posted DIRECTLY before you. The next person to post will pay that same amount to your GB. If you only have 5FPs to spend, don’t post on a thread that is 7, 10, 15, etc. Thread amount is listed in the title of the message: EA 3-point FP Trade, EA 5-point FP Trade, etc. The 30 FP trade thread is for Level 5 or higher GBs only.

We have a thread for new GBs in the mud (Sticks to Bricks (for level zero GBs only)). Post new buildings here. The guild will help you with the FPs to get it standing.

We have a thread for GBs that are about to level and STILL have reward spots (Rewards Available)

We have a thread for goods trading (Guild Trades Needed). Post FAIR trades here.
Fair trades are:
1:1 if you are trading SAME era goods.
2:1 if you are giving lower era goods for ONE ERA higher (ex: Iron Age for EMA)
1:2 if you are giving higher era goods for ONE ERA lower (ex: EMA for Iron Age)
4:1 if you are trading lower era goods for TWO ERAS higher (ex: Iron Age for HMA)
1:4 if you are trading higher era goods for TWO ERAS lowers (ex: HMA for Iron Age)

So on & so forth. The exception to this is if you make a private deal with another player.

If you are trying to get a GB in the mud, but don’t have the goods, send a shout out on the main message board. Someone will help you.
Any questions, just ask. We have guild members from all over the world. Someone will answer you (usuallly) within a couple of hours.