Event Avatar Bonuses


This is simple but brilliant.

The only change I would make would be to put a 12 or 24 hour limit on changing your portrait to prevent abuse.

For example, if say the Maharajah was a coin bonus but Galileo was a supply bonus a player could select the Raja and collect all his coins then switch to Gali and collect all his supplies, then pick Napoleon and clear a map sector, then change again to on with a plunder bonus to attack his neighbours, and then lastly rotate to Einstein to cut down the FP bar regeneration bar time for a few hours until he comes back online. That's a bit TOO much power for those with the time to constantly switch.

So a timer is essential.

But the general concept of bonuses attached to avatars is BRILLIANT!


I like this idea, a lot they could do with it.

Agree on time limit for changing to prevent abuse.


I support this 100% as long as the bonuses are not outrageous and totally unbalance things.


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I love this idea but need to put it in perspective...proposing an avatar that rivals or surpasses bonuses in the tavern will get nixed by INNO to be sure and they need an outlet for revenue by 'reviving' the avatar if you wish to reuse it again. My suggestion is that every 'Bonus avatar' be a prize with a special designation so they can be doled out in future events and that these avatar bonuses don't exceed the tavern max in any category. The special designation-a ribbon like unattached troops, a star, a different color, etc-would allow INNO to make duplicates of existing avatars rather than a slew of new ones. Secondly, the avatar should last only 4-24 hours at a time and it should cost 50 diamonds to 'revive' it for reuse, otherwise it remains dormant for a week to 'heal'. This will prevent abuse because the same boost can be had in your tavern for the same amount of diamonds. Gathering many 'bonus avatars' would be the key here and would present an extra incentive to players to finish the quest line events. If nothing more than to get the bonus avatar. The potential here is amazing and I hope with some revision and input that it will go to a vote and be implemented.


Hmm....well i think it would take away from "choosing" you avatars. Everyone on the server will probably end up with the same 5 or so.
It's like the tavern- you can "chose" any cloth/dish or whatever-but no one does.

I would say no


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I think there would be far more than 5 avatars..I also believe it would do the opposite. Players would be changing their avatars on a daily basis. If you have a specific avatar that is your 'signature' avatar, then this isn't for you.