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Event Building Shrink Kit

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Event Building Shrink Kit

Current System (if applicable)



For an event, instead of an event building, maybe the main prize can be an Event Building Shrink kit. It will be a special item that lets you shrink any max-leveled event building of your choice (that you already have in your possession, of course) into a miniature version of it. The standard would be half the size, but this will may vary for whatever reason.

For instance, a 4 x 4 event building will become a 2 x 2 building. A 7 x 3 building may become a 4 x 3 building.

Abuse Prevention

This is the main event prize, so there is only ONE of this item, but I suppose a player may be able to get one per year if this ever became offered as such…

Visual Aids

Much like the Rogue Den or WW shrinkers.


Small, but if space is a vital resource, than this can be useful to those who need it.



Shrinking a 4x4 building down to 2x2 isn't "half the size" - that's a quarter the size. Your recommended shrinkages are way too excessive, in my opinion.

If a 3x2 building shrinks to 2x2, then a 4x4 building might shrink to 4x3 or a 7x3 building might shrink to 6x3.

Not that I think Inno would ever implement such a kit.


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-1. Part of the game is to figure out how to optimize your city with the space you have. Quite bluntly, deal with it.

I would be open to an event building that, as you level it, shrinks in size, but to shrink existing buildings? No.

Kranyar the Mysterious

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Hmmm, Interesting idea, but I have to say no for much the same reasons as others stated.

Maybe as an alternative, how about an event building that starts off quite large with marginal to OK stats, and each upgrade (up to the max level) shrinks the building down but doesn't affect the stats, in effect making the building get more and more efficient, until on the final level it has really good stats in a small building (stats on par or a touch better then the better event buildings we've already gotten, on a per square basis)? While the overall total stats wouldn't be as good as some of the latest buildings, I'm finding it hard to fit more 5x5 buildings, and a comparable 2x2 might just be worth it. Also, something like this might help slow down the power creep we've been seeing lately a little bit. (edit - re-reading through I see Uber already put this idea out. I suspect that your idea and the one here are both DNSL, but it is a good discussion anyways).


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-1 No. Epcot, not Legoland.

Having said that, I do think there are some buildings that are staples to the game that would benefit from either shrink kits or upgrade levels. One downside of power creep is older buildings like those found in GE aren't so great anymore compared to newer buildings. For many, just fodder for the AD, who has many items that while still beautiful, from a power standpoint have grown long in the tooth as well.

On the bright side, last year's Halloween Event gave us a power upgrade to the Mad Scientists Lab, they've given us WW and RH shrinky dinks, new levels for Watch and Victory towers, It's obviously on Inno's radar. I'm sure they'll keep them coming for the buildings and reasons they choose.

Stephen Longshanks

Two items on the DNSL here. Changes to existing rewards and new items. Thread closed.
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