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Not A Bug Event log shows I was plundered in the future

  • Browser and Version: Firefox, latest.
  • Overview of the bug: I was plundered and wish to avoid a recurrence but that would be easier if I knew when the plunderer plundered.
  • Screenshots: attached.
  • How often this occurs: I believe it is universal.
  • Urgency: moderate. Very annoying.
  • Preventative Actions: None.
  • Summary: If the event log states that I was plundered and a time, what time is that related to my time? I can't tell that and be able to effectively respond defensively (setting a timer for collection, 'pulling up the drawbridge' by cutting off the road temporarily if I have to be away, etc. to minimize both exposure and down time) if the time given is not my local time as shown in the attachment. Also, game 'knows' when 24 hours from now is by my local time, not the server time.


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