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[Question] Expansions available

I’m currently in Industrial, and have 1 medal expansion and 6 diamond expansions left to purchase. Will there be more available to buy when I age up, or that’s all til the end?


Well-Known Member
The medal expansions aren't by age right? There will be more diamond expansions but the medal expansions I thought were available immediately whatever the age.

Ebeondi Asi

New Member
The Medal expansions run out when you buy the last one (that costs 1,100,000 Medals). No more after that.
At that point Medals become relatively worthless except for GvG, and buying attempts in GE
You can buy the expansions bought with Medals as fast as you can collect the Medals, in any Age.
The best mechanism for getting Medals seems to be to take the top 1.9 Reward positions in high Era Great Buildings. The rewards include a lot of Medals. 30,000, 50,000 or more a pop.