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Expedition Traders is Recruiting


Expedition Traders is recruiting! We are a level 43 Guild offering 5 FP's a day from your Town Hall
Recruitment boosts and Building Rebates, GE Level 4 opened every week, and guild of fun and zany members.

What we are looking for active and consistent players, whose primary world is Noarsil, no diamond miners please
Members must have an Observatory/Arc/Atom or be willing to build one guild treasury Great Building within three months of joining.
Active participation in GE every week. We require completion of GE Level 1 (16 encounters) at a minimum. We do not do GvG
Motivate/Polish each of your Guild-mates regularly…AT LEAST 3 times a week.
Fair trades using the Fair Trade calculator
Help your Guild-mates level up their GBs and raise them out of the sticks (they’ll do the same for you).
The most important requirement is to be a good guild member who is respectful, polite and courteous to other guild members. No Drama allowed!

So if you meet these criteria and are looking for a supportive, fun Guild, then contact the recruiter or one of the leaders for an invitation.
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