Experienced and Inexperienced Players Join Fierce Fighters


Hello my fellow FOE members I am MoparMuscle the Co-Founder and Co-Owner of the Fierce Fighters.We are a day old guild that has only 2 members so far Billman our Founder and myself. We started this guild due to we are great friends looking to separate from other guilds bossing us around. We are looking for really any player no matter how good or bad they are. We have many positions in case you want to use your skill(s) to benefit the guild even more. Just look up Fierce Fighters read or guild description and either message Billman or myself or leave a reply down here. We appreciate you no matter what. Thats a promise. I also may note that we have a trade partnership with the top guild Merchants of War for all of you who think we are a nobody guild. I promise you if you join you will be surprised at how far we can go.