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Already Suggested Export data from Guild > Treasury > Contributions window

Should there be an Export button to download the data from Guild Contributions window?

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New Member
On the Guild dialog > Treasury tab > Guild Contributions popup window:
Give us a way to export all of the 7-day history that is present, without having to tab through hundreds of pages. Export to a file in CSV format.

A player (particularly a Guild leader/manager) can put this data into a spreadsheet and work with it. This is useful for understanding who's contributing or not; how the treasury is being spent; which eras are flush with goods and which eras are weak... etc. Then the manager/leader can rally the guild members to contribute (or build buildings to do that) as needed.

Open the Guild Contributions window. Press a button to download a file with all of the data that is available (currently 7 days' worth). Save file to the browser default Downloads location. Format the data into a CSV file, with mostly the same columns that are on the screen: PlayerName, Qty (positive for donation, negative for expenditure), Good Name, Good Era, Type of Transaction (Building donation, manual donation, Spent to open GE level, Spent to buy GBG building, Date, Time)

Visual Aids:
I think this is pretty much n/a.

I don't see any impact on other game features. This just makes a nice tool for guild managers to use.

Abuse Prevention:
I think this is n/a.