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    We are a Guild that believes in Fair Trade and equal treatment of members. We do not aim to be number one on a statistic we aim to be number one as a team. We strive to have a guild where everyone works together to help better each other. We are not seeking quantity we seek quality.

    Guild Founders

    Anacreon 420 the Bloody

    Guild Admin
    Bob the Elf

    We will accept applications for membership. Just send Bob the Elf a message and let us know that you have read, understood and are willing to work within the Guild Rules listed below.

    ==*** GUILD RULES

    1. Be active, we do not accept players falling into red (meaning inactive for 7 or more days). We understand that people become uninterested or life just gets in the way. This is a game and for entertainment. If you go on vacation or will be inactive for an extended period, let one of the Founders/Admins know. We'll reserve your spot. We also know unexpected things happen and you may not be able to let anyone know. Should that happen and you get kicked from the Guild, let one of the Founders/Admins know and you'll be welcomed back. We don't expect that will happen often nor repeatedly.

    2. Fair Trade -- We are a fair trade Guild. Members are required to offer fair trades within the Guild. Basically that means if you are trading goods from an age for goods in the next higher age, then you should offer 2 of your goods for 1 of the next higher age. That is a 2:1 ratio. The reverse is true if trading goods from a higher age for goods from the next previous age (1:2). Of course trading goods from the same age are a 1:1. We discourage posting unfair trades with the expectation of getting non-Guild players to pick them up seems like a waste of time, but you're free to do so. If that's the only type of trade you intend to post, feel free to find another Guild, we intend to be a fair trade guild. Posting unfair trades and marking them as 'Guild Only' will draw attention and you will be warned. One last word on fair trades. The acceptable ratios get wonky above the Colonial Age. Check the Trade Calculator at http://foe.kwister.com/trades for help.

    3. Motivate/Polish your Guild members 3-4 or more times per week. This enhances everyone's production and happiness, plus it earns you some coins.

    4. If you have advanced beyond the Bronze Age, you must play in the Guild Expedition. You don't have to deplete your military units and you don't have to fight your way through all 3 levels every week, but you must try to complete some battles in the GE. The Guild is a team and we want the team to advance. The higher the level of the Guild, the more benefit there is for the members. For example, achieving Guild level 10 gets each member 1 forge point per 24 hours from your city hall. At level 18, that increases to 2. Players should also donate goods to the treasury so the higher GE level can be unlocked. Click on the 'Difficulty' box in GE map to find out what goods are needed. The higher the Guild places each week the more prestige point the guild earns and the higher the Guild level we reach. There is a PC only GvG competition. Right now we don't have any members playing that and it is not required. Play if you wish, but it does not relieve the requirement to play GE.

    5. Develop the Temple of Relics and the Observatory. We encourage our members to develop these two Great Buildings (GB) as early as possible. The Observatory donates Goods from your current Age to the Guild Treasury very 24 hours. This helps with the GE play. Each levels 2 and up require Goods to be donated from the Guild Treasury. When members have the Observatory, this donation is pretty much taken care of automatically without the member having to take out their own stock, a plus for everyone.

    The Temple of Relics reveals 'relics' in the GE map. These Relics are either Common, Uncommon or Rare (Silver, Gold or Jade). The rewards are randomly placed around the GE encounters on the map. When they are revealed, they reward the player with additional rewards. The rewards maybe some number of FP (100 is not uncommon), Diamonds, extra Decorations or Buildings, Blueprints for you GB, etc. In general, these rewards enhance the member's GE experience and indirectly help the Guild.

    6. Develop your Tavern. Request other Guild members to be friends with you and visit their Taverns 3-4 times per week. You already have 80 friends? If you don't want to clear out some of them, just message guild members and see if they can invite you to be friends. You gain Tavern coins which can be used to enhance your Tavern or used to boost supplies/attack/defense/etc. this strengthens you and the Guild as a whole. Hint can help you in the GE battles.

    7. We expect everyone to be civil and we won't tolerate a bunch of drama. No one is here to pick a fight, it's a game, treat it as such.

    8. Finally have fun. Enjoy the game. If you need help understanding the anything, generally one of the members can help you. Feel free to ask, we want everyone to grow and prosper as a team.
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