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Fall 2021 Feedback


Well-Known Member
In one city I bought 5 ingredients to use up enough ingredients to complete another table. That world, I ended up with a Level 9 Golden Crops, an extra upgrade from maybe Professional, if not, then Amateur league, and a second level 1.

My diamond city, I didn't buy any ingredients and ended up with a Level 9 Golden Crops and an extra upgrade from being solidly in Amateur league.

With free players like me completing the DC every day also moves the needle on the leagues making it harder for those who don't to remain in higher leagues. You're being outspent.

Anyone who couldn't or didn't finish the DCs have no one to blame but themselves. Inno made this event easy for those who put in the work.


New Member
This event was very easy to play, I have a Level 9 building with no diamonds spent. Only a few more ingredients would have given me another level one building. Plus an upgrade still coming from finishing in Amateur league.

The best part of this event was the Harvest field selection kits, pretty hard to beat 12% attack per wheat field which I was able to place 6 of plus the other fields to activate the boosts.


Active Member
Event finished and I didn't get enough upgrades for full level 9. I won't be building the event building. Heard the one up kit shards are like 1/29 which is disappointing. I really hope they don't think this building forgoes the need to offer one up kits in other ways like they do now.


Well-Known Member
BTW nice to know some players have oodles of time to OVERPLAY or should I say WORK OVER the game to get through events in a la di da manner.
I spend about an hour per day actively playing the game in two worlds. Hardly oodles of time, or overplaying. Any more excuses for your failure?

Bottom line is Inno gave you everything you needed to get a fully upgraded Golden Crops with minimal effort. That you chose not to even put in that minimal effort is your choice. You got the result you deserved. 100% on you, 0% on Inno.
Did not get final upgrade from either last ingredient or apprentice and I PUT THE WORK IN and spent 300 diamonds ..... thanks INNO ......
You didn't put in the work. Had you put in the effort to complete one more Daily Challenge, you would have got it. Had you completed 2 more, you would have done it without spending diamonds. 3 more DCs, with ingredients to spare. Don't like your results? Look in the mirror.

Thanks Inno indeed. I appreciate a company that doesn't do participation awards, but rewards participation.


New Member
Glad to see that the Fall Event completed for the majority of players. I am in south central US and the server outage in this region didn't let a lot of us complete it. Happy for those that were able to. :)