Fall competition 2020

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Just Escaped from Asylum

FOE Team
Co-Community Manager
Hello Fo(E)lks,

It is my pleasure to announce 2 competitions we are launching: A maze game, and a baking contest. Read below to find out more :)

Maze game:

Find the way out from the maze, starting from the two lovely gentlemen, and reach the exit at the winning cup. Draw your solution on the picture, and post it at the thread you can find in the link below:



5x300 Diamonds. The winners will be randomly chosen between the players with the right solution.
FoE labyrinth.jpg
Baking game:

Show us your baking skills! It could be simple but stunning, detailed but small, huge but cute, anything. Surprise us.

IMPORTANT: You must have your username written on a piece of paper, or on a phone or tablet next to your baking to ensure a fair competition, digital signatures are not accepted!

You can qualify for the competition here:


1st place: 100 FPs or 250 goods or 9 blueprints
2nd place: 75 FPs or 175 goods or 7 blueprints
3rd place: 50 FPs or 100 goods or 5 blueprints

The FoE US Team will decide about the winners via a team voting.

The deadline for both competitions is the 21th of September 2020, 12:00

We wish you the very best luck, and thank you for participating,
Your FoE US Team

Just Escaped from Asylum

FOE Team
Co-Community Manager
Maze competition winners:

Tyranna Wrecks
King Scorpio

Baking competition winners:

1st place: erindfisher
2nd place: RoyalGryphon
3rd place: Night StaIker

The diamonds have been added to the account of the Maze competition's winners, and we have contacted the baking winners to arrange the rewards.

We wish to thank everybody who entered our competitions, we have received hundreds of entries. We will be back soon with other competitions, and prizes ;)

Best wishes, and take care,
Your FoE US Team
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