Fall Event Feedback


Thank you for all your comments. The Fall Event will end on October 6th. You can always check for how much longer an event will run by clicking the '?' button in the upper right corner of the event window.
I don't recall seeing this on the mobile version. Not sure.


So is the Fall Event over as tonight at midnight or October 6th at midnight?


I cannot find the 'END DATE' for the FALL event.
It is not listed in the original announcement or the update.
It was not listed in any of the announcements, even the latest one that tells us to use our apples by the end date.
There is no clock or end date in the event screen. ????
The date is October 6th, Thursday. But I just asked if that means tonight at midnight or October 6th at midnight?


The event ends in 17 hours and 42 minutes from the time of this post.



Should have never gotten started with the comments, now can't stop:D anywayssss being that the number of apples that we can get isn't going to get any better this "FALL" I move that next year it be renamed Harvest event, then maybe the apples won't drop off as they did this year, this one was ok, just a bit annoying seeing nothing but the same ole yellow stars in the event history, when it should be full of Red delicious apples or Jonathon's, ya'know !! they/we do have yellow apples !!!o_O


ok ware to start #1 the timer was on the event the 1st day ones u get done with the quest had to wait for the next day and so on so on this did not give much time for the lil event build you get only give u a good one full day with it
#2 the trees you get some had 7 to give you it did not help out it hurt a lot go grab it and boom hopeing for a good # nope got 7 to hold on to
#3 the good basket and great basket % i see none of the % gone up some game or event the % go up and it help you get what you was trying for
wishing well or shrine or medals
#4go back to the waiting timeer form #1 it was not good to have a timer to lock ppl out form doing quest
#5 the cider mill on the logo in it say the event build will give apples all year long but ones the lucky ones got it find out only gives supplies and not apples
#6 :mad: not happy about puting stuff and removeing it just for a event to not be good i put diamonds to speed up a lil to get what i need and did not get what i need it :( it diamonds i need it to hold on to for bps or goods so i do not know who this event been more harder on but i know it was pain full for me in allways :confused:


A most excellent Event and patience absolutely paid off. Spent some apples here and there but saved most and today, with SoKs as an unlock-able item I scored 56 total between 6 worlds. :D

High was 13 and low was 3 but that was my diamond farm so was more concerned with WWs there. Have gotten plenty of Store Buildings, Reno Kits and WWs as well along with some medals, victory towers and HoFs. I really don't have anything bad to say about this Event.


Thank God it's almost over!!! It takes forever to get enough apples to get a shot at something and when I did it was always medals,supplies,coins and forge points. All the stuff I can already get in the game. Haven't gotten anything worth a crap. This "Fall Event" can fall off the planet as far as I'm concerend.


Yeah I did very well too, I lost track of my winnings.
I can make another city from what is in my inventory.
Thanks Inno for a nice event.

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I enjoyed this event and got my hands on many items I wanted. But I actually preferred they left the odds alone, and allow the trees to bear more fruit. Once they increased percentage odds in baskets, the number of apples dropped to where most gave 7, when prior to that saw mostly tens and 20.


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Just enough apples for 3 more spins, hit 2 WW, winding up at exactly 0 Apples left. Total 2 WW, 1 Reno Kit, 6 SoK (5 on an unlock.), 4 Storage, 2 Medal Pack, 1 One Up. I averaged a good prize every day. Much better # of good prizes per day than any other Event I've played, and I've been really lucky in some. I stayed right around 20% on both planting and getting trees planted. My tree harvest rate fell from 11+ to 8+ with the changes. Early on, I thought this was going to be the best Event ever. My feelings are now that it was a good experience, the 0 apples left helped.

My Observations:

The whole Event concept in toto was quite good. Good flavor, nice Aid and neighborhood interaction. I really liked the neighborhood prize. The unlock thing was sweet. The Daily Prizes were a very good selection. I liked the length, 16 days kept me immersed. The two chest thing was fine.

The change in prizes was good, the change in apple harvest was awful.

The prize change and apple harvest change shouldn't have been done.

Taking Coins and leaving Supplies was downright weird. Oddly enough, INNO did listen, everybody was kvetching about Coins. We all forgot to say 'and Supplies.' Prolly somebody at INNO is laughing about that.

Changing the trees to be over 70% the lowest value changed hunting trees from endurable tedium to frustration. Having to refresh to spawn more trees was not pleasant especially with the extra load on Event History.

There was no chance for my 75 player Neighborhood to hit the 200K group prize. Did anyone make it?

My hood (Prog and Modern) wound up just short of 300K total apples. That's an average of 250 Apples per day per hoodie.

The Quests... I stopped at Scout. I was happy that the Quests were not critical to having a good chance for players to be successful in this Event. I'd enjoy seeing how folk who went far or completed the Quests felt about them.

My Suggestions:

Keep this Event. A few changes and it will be great.

Fix the tree visibility. Color blind and poor eyesight customers will be pleased.

Rebalance the prize / tree harvest rate so that the super majority of trees are not the lowest value.

Make the 4th level of the neighborhood prize reasonably attainable.

Figure out a way to give players options on the booby prizes. Have 10 available, Let each player decide for themselves. Let us drop 2, then split the 8 left into two groups, one group to go into each chest. Nice game within the game?
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Totally agree that there should be less 7s. Just gets too discouraging getting 5 or more 7s in a row. Other than that, the main change I would make is some sort of notification letting you know there are trees to find. If they want to keep the trees at mainly 7s, I think they ought to award the aider with more than 1 apple when they place a tree.


My last 10 baskets were 5 consecutive medal packs followed by 5 consecutive victory towers.


This was a great Event. The only thing I didn't like was those Blueprints. I get plenty of Blueprints from Aid and Contribution, including the OBS. So, Winning a Prints was like winning a package of Now&Later at a Carnival after spending a 50 cents ticket.


I think the scout and take over province needs to be taken out of the events or have another choice to get past those quests.

This upcoming event will be the 3rd in a row I can not complete because I played the game a bit and took over so much land in the continent map that there is no way to then now take over more land, then I would have to scout to then take over even more land.

Not too fair.


I'll add my feedback.

4.) The trees are way too hard to see. There's really no valid reason to make them hard to find. And, the color-blindness thing is a big oversight IMO. Red/green is a well-known issue so making the trees that color combination, with no other distinguishing characteristics, is a big accessibility no-no.
I totally agree with this comment and if the event is to be repeated then as a red/green color blind person myself I would like to see the creators of the game make changes to rectify this, maybe apples that blink on and off or flash, something to give us a chance to see them.


I also can't see red or green, or brown for that matter. I'm just a little better than black and white.
Putting some sort of floating icon over the trees would make all the difference.
Algona covered all the points I would address, and then some. He speaks for me.

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Overall Inno did a fine job and I look forward to the next event.


I think the scout and take over province needs to be taken out of the events or have another choice to get past those quests.

This upcoming event will be the 3rd in a row I can not complete because I played the game a bit and took over so much land in the continent map that there is no way to then now take over more land, then I would have to scout to then take over even more land.

Not too fair.
I am not sure you understand the meaning of "fair." It is the same for everyone so that makes it fair. No millennial gold stars today I'm afraid.


You have to be kidding me. I am the fairest gamer online. I don't think you agree. That is all. But to keep adding scout and take over province in every event makes so no one gets to really choose how their game is played.


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Since you aren't required to do the events you still get to choose. What you actually mean is you can't get what you want out of the event without doing something you don't want to do. Still on you.